• 100% safe and legit method to remove stubborn hijackers from your Amazon listing.

  • Normally it takes 0-5 days to remove any FBA/FBM/Amazon hijacker.

  • The fastest and effective way to remove hijackers. Do not let them destroy your listing or stealing your sales anymore!

  • We DON’T accept any order which aim to remove the listing’s owner.

  • This service comes with a 30-day guarantee. If the hijacker comes back within 30 days after we first removed it, simply let us know and we will remove it again for free.

  • Price: $250/hijacker per ASIN for FBM hijackers. $300/hijacker per ASIN for FBA hijackers. $700/hijacker per ASIN for Amazon.com hijackers.

No subscription & commitment. Top up the amount you need!

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