• We have 30k+ local product testers in US. We will transfer the product fee to them. They will buy your product with full price and leave their honest reviews after testing your products.

  • We do not force them to leave a review so there might be a chance that they bought your product but not leave a review. In that case, we will refund you the review fee. Our review rate is 90% so far.

  • Product testers will leave a positive review if they like your product. But if your product quality is bad, you may get a bad review, which we cannot control. Our positive review rate is 97% so far.

  • If your product is popular, they will be claimed fast (max 5 buyers per ASIN per day)so that you can receive your reviews fast too. If very few people want your product, your campaign will take longer of course. Normally 10 reviews can be done in 2-4 weeks.

  • If your product has multiple variations, you need to enter the highest price of them, as we cannot control which variation buyers will buy. So we need to reimburse them based on the highest price.

  • Buyers can order from any seller account if there are multiple sellers on your listing.

No subscription & commitment. Top up the amount you need!

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