• Have you done a health check for your Amazon seller account? Do you know if it is under any risk of getting blocked? Or if it is already blocked, do you know the reason? Come and do a health check!

  • “Check my account’s health status” will provide you with all risks that your account is under now according to the Amazon seller performance team’s regular evaluation. Get them solved ASAP before it is too late!

  • “Check the reason for blocking my account” provides you with the exact reason why your account is blocked with all the details you need in order to do a successful appeal.

  • The report will be presented in a screenshot format. All screenshots are taken directly from the Amazon seller performance management system with 100% accuracy.

  • Price: $400 for Store Health Report, $300 for the others. The report will be ready within 1-2 days.

No subscription & commitment. Top up the amount you need!

Store Health Check